2023 New Client Pricing and Service Basics

The Poo Man has been providing routine pet waste removal service in Rochester for the past 20 years. Our philosophy is to get the job done as simply and efficiently as possible!

  • We do not provide single "one time" Spring clean ups as we are a weekly service provider.
  • We service Rochester, NY... So if you live in: Brighton, City of Rochester east side, Fairport (Perinton), Penfield, Pittsford, Webster, Greece (East of North Greece Road, North of 104).

What You Get:


  • Once weekly or twice weekly service. (Twice weekly service availability may depend on your location)
  • Complete rake up AND REMOVAL of your pets waste.
  • Removal/disposal is included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! It all goes with me.
  • You do not have to leave a garbage bin out or find a bag of poo waiting for you - its simply gone! (again..no additional charge!)
  • My wife and I own the business, we provide this service personally to every client. No employees alone in your yard.
  • Our Vehicles are clearly marked with our company name.
  • No contract required.
  • Fully insured.

Note on yard size: I have found that most dogs tend to use the same area in a yard repeatedly. If you have a larger yard (over an acre) but it is not necessary to walk the entire property, I see no need for an additional charge on larger yards.

General Service Policy

Yard Accessibility

  • We must be able to freely access the areas of the yard to be cleaned.
  • If you have a fenced in area any gates must be unlocked and able to be opened.
  • We do not climb fences, go through garages or inside homes to access areas to be serviced.

Yard Conditions

  • We do not remove leaves or other debris.
  • If your yard is inundated with leaves/branches, we can not service the yard effectively.
  • It makes it easier for us to do a complete and through cleanup when the grass has been cut.
  • We cannot clean yards with large puddles of water or swampy conditions.
  • We can only pickup what we can see.

Landscapers/Mowing service

  • Our Poo pickup service is route based, the route that you are on is done on a specific day (weather permitting).
  • Your service day is based on your location, if you utilize a lawnmowing service, we cannot change your service day to match their schedule.


1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs
Initial/Spring Clean Up Initial/Spring Clean Up Initial/Spring Clean Up
$75 $85 $110
Once per Week Service Once per Week Service Once per Week Service
$58/month $68/month $78/month
Twice Weekly Service* Twice Weekly Service* Twice Weekly Service*
$116/month $136/month $156/month

Please Note…Sales tax is not included in the above rates.  These rates area a flat monthly rate.  Invoices are billed monthly and your invoice remains the same regardless of the # of weeks in a month.

Complete removal and disposal included at no extra charge!

* Twice weekly service available in limited area.
** Initial cleanup charge is required for yards that have not been cleaned in the past two weeks.
*** A $35 per month late fee may be charged to accounts that are past due.

So if you are looking for a basic maintenance program for your yard... go to our "contact us" section and fill out our price quote info request. Provide your yard details and any other questions you may have. We will get back to you shortly, go over any details, and get you on board for the 2023 season. E-mail is the best way to contact us.


Billing is done monthly. Your invoice will remain the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month.

  • We bill a month behind, so the work is completed first before we ask for payment.
  • Invoices are emailed out the first week of the month. We can mail an invoice, if preferred.
  • Payment is due by the 25th of the month. If payment is not received, service will be suspended until account is paid current. Please note, an initial cleanup fee may be required to start service if it has gone 2 weeks or more since the last pickup.

Fall and Winter Service

Service does continue through the Fall and Winter season. This time of the year can present some circumstances that will affect service.


  • Shortened daylight hours may cause your service day to change, this usually does not occur until later in the Fall.


Service and billing continues through the winter, however this time of year can present some circumstances that will affect service.

Every winter season is different, some are mild., in which case we get yards serviced relatively often, some are more severe causing obvious delays in service.

  • In order for us to service yards, snow must be completely melted. Please note, this does not mean that if we have a warmup and snow is “melting”, that we will service a yard, as there could still be snow covering the yard.
  • We do not pick up poo if the yard is covered with snow or ice.  We do not “chip” through ice or attempt to find waste under the snow or on top of the snow.
  • We do not clear snow in front of gates or walk through heavy snow to access the yard.
  • For our safety, we do not service yards in freezing cold temperatures, heavy rain, high winds or lightening.

Some customers choose to put their service on hold during the winter months.  Please note that if you choose to suspend service, there will be a Spring cleanup fee to restart service.  Priority cleanup will be given to customers who have stayed on through the winter and are paid current.

Winter Billing:

  • Winter conditions will cause delays in service. Often, these delays can be prolonged due to snow storms and freezing temperatures.
  • Dogs STILL use the yard resulting in a buildup of feces over time. When we are able to clean the yard, we will have to work harder and take more time in order to get the yard cleared. Therefore, billing continues on a monthly basis at the monthly rate throughout the Winter season. The concern is with the amount of feces to be removed, not the number of visits in the month.
  • Monthly invoices are no greater in the Winter than they are in the Summer.

Managed Expectations:

  • Spring is our busiest time of year due to the buildup from the winter and it will require more time per yard causing the routes to run slower.
  • Due to this increase in volume, service days during this period can be different than the normally scheduled service days of Summer.
  • We ask for your patience during this time as we have a route put together and cannot get to every yard the instant the snow melts.
  • We can not give you a specific time of day that we will be there as sometimes we are presented with circumstances that are out of our control.

If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for using The Poo Man!